Taiwan's economy is adjusting to changing global trends. Innovation and entrepreneurship are necessary to enhance the country's economic growth.   Silicon Valley, as a global hub of innovation along with its innovative technology in clean energy, biotechnology, medical devices, and networks, is an ideal partner for Taiwan to expand its impact in the world.

The Executive Yuan on December 18, 2014 issued Resolution 3429, otherwise known as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship policy, which aims to promote connections between local and international talent, capital, and knowledge in order to transform the country into a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. This policy has four sections: International Links Section, Startup Ecosystem Section, Regulatory Environment Section, and Social Innovation and Youth Entrepreneurship Section.

Featured Team

  • Alchema - 得心股份有限公司

    Alchema - 得心股份有限公司

    Alchema 是一個智慧釀酒瓶,可以把任何水果變成酒

  • BioInspira, Inc.

    BioInspira, Inc.

    BioInspira is a sensor platform startup.
    With our sensor-enabling detection grid, we implement 24/7 remote monitoring system

  • VOR Sense, At Ease - 沃廣生技

    VOR Sense, At Ease - 沃廣生技


  • Tri-in Inc- 創蘊股份有限公司

    Tri-in Inc- 創蘊股份有限公司

    World smallest analog effects pedals with wireless control, being smart without losing any sound quality.

  • Flow Nano- 纳米流

    Flow Nano- 纳米流

    Flow Nano is developing a microfluidic water saving solution to reduce water consumption for public usage, irrigation, and thermal cooling.

  • AIO Robotics

    AIO Robotics

    AIO Robotics是專注於多功能3D列印與3D掃描技術的領導者

  • Pathover


    Pathover is an API-based solution that finds the cheapest and fastest route for fulfillment for online groceries, making same-day delivery affordable for everyone.

  • EarlyPlan- 美商天策股份有限公司

    EarlyPlan- 美商天策股份有限公司

    We use Augmented Reality technology to promote location-based loyalty program. 

  • mFluiDx- 微流檢測公司

    mFluiDx- 微流檢測公司

    mFluiDx is developing rapidly deployable microfluidic diagnostic assays. Our mission is to enable molecular diagnostics anywhere.
    mFluIDx 在開發快速可攜式的微流檢測生物晶片。我們的願景在於使DNA檢測在任何場所都能使用。

  • Clipo- 可力擘科技有限公司

    Clipo- 可力擘科技有限公司

     Github for 3D Modeling

  • MobioSense- 麥博森

    MobioSense- 麥博森

    MobioSense provides prompt and accurate blood test results directly to patients through our semiconductor based innovative platform.

  • Acusense BioMedical Technology Co.,Ltd-臻欣生醫

    Acusense BioMedical Technology Co.,Ltd-臻欣生醫

    Adopting smart patch to reduce the risk of blood leakage for patients.

  • Realiteer Corp.-實境家

    Realiteer Corp.-實境家

    Realiteer is creating a platform for everyone to create and share fun, interactive, multiplayer AR/VR experiences!

  • Cherri Tech Inc.-喬睿科技股份有限公司

    Cherri Tech Inc.-喬睿科技股份有限公司

    Enable your app with full-ledge payment feature in 10 minutes.

  • AlumVest


    Invest in New Ventures through The People You Already Trust.
    跨境投資平台- 透過您的信任圈投資最佳新創

  • Toii Inc.-鬼島工作室

    Toii Inc.-鬼島工作室

    We create the integration of AR, gaming and location-based services.

  • ChaseWind-追風


    ChaseWind Cycling Glasses is a smart glasses for cyclists. 
    ChaseWind Cycling Glasses是專為自行車運動所打造的智慧眼鏡