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    WHAT'S UP!


Finalist for Pitch on Stage in TTA x TIEC#1 Pitch and Match @ InnoVEX 2019

Selected teams will be notified with more details by email individually, appreciate your interest and wish you continued success.
*Please note there're 7 startups has been selected to attend InnoVEX Pitch Contest Semi-final on May 30th. The semi-finalist will be announced on May 21 by InnoVEX. 
*The selected team are listed in alphabetical order as follows:
  1. 3Egreen
  2. Adok
  3. AHEAD
  4. China Medical University (MYOPIACURE)
  5. Hoomano
  6. Mind & IdeaFly Co., Ltd.
  7. Taiwan User-Friendly Sensor and Tech.
  8. WeavAir

【Guidance for Pitch on Stage @ InnoVEX 5/30】 
  • We'll send 2 ONE TIME PASS links to each selected startup seperately. Please fill in your information to get your own badge.
  • You shall prepare 3 min English pitch deck which is *.pdf/ *.pptx file in 16:9 size. Please send your latest pitch deck or provide a shareable URL to aw@taiwanarena.tech before May 24th. Any late submission will not be entertained.
  • If your pitch deck includes video / audio, please combine it into your pitch deck and provide your *.pptx file.
  • All selected startups MUST sign up between 13:00-14:00 on May 30th.